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Visualize only utilizing 35% GPU - Another User

Question asked by Jesse Farmer on Dec 29, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2018 by David Goetsch

Has anyone identified a particular driver version for GeForce cards that fixes the "under-utilization" issue? I have two different rigs with this same issue. One machine has a single GTX 1060 and my other machine has two GTX 760's. For the second machine the issue is even worse, only one 760 is utilized up to 40% ish while the second 760 simply sits idle.


The dual GTX 760 rig does NOT have the SLI bridge connected. Both of my machines have a brand new Win 10 Pro install and are using the latest drivers (388.71). I am running Solidworks/Visualize-Pro 2017 SP 3.0 on both machines.