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    Idea!Add ability to promote all configurations at once

    Igor Fomenko


      Is it possible to promote all configurations at once?

      Thanks in advance

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          Igor Fomenko

          It is necessary for my bolt assemblies to get good BOM.

          If SW provide ability to add this property as design table parameter it'll be very easy to do

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            Elmar Klammer

            Hi Igor,


            You have been very active in this forum as of lately. Most of the time you suggest the Software should work one way or another. And other times you ask "I want this for that reason..." Let me make one thing clear. You can ask what ever question you want. I do however get the impression that you want to dictate SW what it should or should not do. I don't think this will get you anywhere. My advise. Try to understand how the software works and what it's strength and weaknesses are. Then use a workflow that serves your needs while you understand the tool as it is. That approach will get you closer to where you want to be. Not trying to poke at you. Just being realistic about the situation at hand.

            Now back to your question: can you promote all configuration at once. There is no single button in SW that does such a thing.

            You can set a assembly configuration to "Promote". If all subassemblies are setup that way then you have what you wanted. But the drawback is that you can't see Subassemblies in your BOM no more. The other approach is API - dissolve all subassemblies in BOM. That can work too but even that is slow for large BOM's. If you want more info there is plenty of discussions in this forum about the subject.

            Only a search away.


            Good luck.