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    PDM Enterprise Trainer guide (WANTED)

    Mike Adam
      Hello guys

      I'm looking for PDM Enterprise trainer guide, I am going to give a training for our customer's employees and I need book to depend on.
      I want to know what training shall I include for administrator
      what information shall I teach for CAD-Editors...
      I can't depend on the administration guide which comes with PDM installation
      so please anyone here can send me trainer guide.
      my email is pdmwe@yahoo.com

      Response will be highly appreciated

        • PDM Enterprise Trainer guide (WANTED)
          Mike Adam
          It looks like people here doesn't likes to share their training documents...
            • PDM Enterprise Trainer guide (WANTED)
              Joy Garon
              Mike -

              While some customers don't mind sharing their processes, other customers may be restricted by their employers as their processes may be confidential.
              Also, processes typically differ from customer to customer, so, what works for one does not necessarily work for another.

              I would suggest contacting your VAR and attending a training session.
              You will recieve training documents as part of training.
              If other customers have these manuals, they are prohibited by law from making copies.
              If someone at your company has already attended training, then ask to borrow their documents.


              Edited: Mike do you work for a VAR? If so, why can't you just order a training manual or do you need something else?

            • PDM Enterprise Trainer guide (WANTED)
              Mike Adam
              Thanks Joy
              I think you are right about copyrights law in case if I'm asking for copy..
              but I'm only asking for PDF which are already published on Net

              Anyways I'm going to contact VAR center and they would help.