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    Trying to extend this surface, but it isn't working (as expected)

    Dan Pihlaja

      I have attached my part (SW 2017 Sp5).


      I have a surface, "Surface-Trim4" That I am trying to extend .5mm in all directions (same surface).

      I have tried "extend surface", with no result with the result that actual extension is only .0017mm, NOT .5mm!

      I have tried "Ruled Surface", but that doesn't work for me at all with the same result as the extend surface.


      I have even tried the new "Offset on surface" tool in the 3D sketcher, on a coincident surface, but that didn't work either.


      Basically, what I need in the end, is the outside edge of "Surfafce-Trim4" offset .5mm outward, but still be on the same circular surface.


      This edge of this surface represents the intersection between 2 holes on my customer part (represented by "Surface-Offset3" and "Surface-Extend3") and I need an offset of .5mm in both directions, but lying on the same surface.


      I am at a loss as to how to accomplish it.