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    Send-to-back command on drawings - (Inserting Images)

    Britt Kessler

      On production drawings we sometimes insert digital images, or MS Word docs with assembly instructions.

      When positioning annotations with the images the note is sometimes covered.


      My question is this: Why does the "Send to Back" command sometimes disappear? Does it matter what image type is being used, or is it because of the way it is

      inserted into the document? We've noticed it seems to be hit and miss when it shows up, and when it doesn't.



      SW 2016

      SP 5.0

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          Fatih Mehmet Ozcan

          When you use insert image feature send back isn't there but if you copy and paste your image, it will be there

          Also double click your pasted image and change as you want, it works as it is linked

          And if you want crispier image, go into properties and check sharpen zoomed state but send it back option and annotations on it can't be seen anymore

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              Britt Kessler

              Thank you Fatih! That was what I needed to steer me on the correct course. I knew there was a reason.


              I've come to the conclusion that inserting an image directly into a SolidWorks drawing is probably the least desirable option. Also, unless I'm mistaken, you cannot copy an image that has been directly inserted. I attempted this in order to extract the image for changes after having inserted it, and it will not let me pull a copy. It lets you delete the image, and resize. That's about it.


              However, if you put your image into an MS Word .doc, and then insert the .doc, you have many more options for manipulating the image, and you can pull it back out for editing, copying etc.