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Some very important steps if you are a NEW FORUM USER....

Question asked by Dan Pihlaja on Dec 12, 2017
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To summarize a quote from Matt Peneguy in a response below:  This is advice, not instruction.  Nobody is telling you that you have to do something, but this is a way to get better responses.


I just wanted to consolidate some of the most important threads for new people.


1) If you are new here....please read the main part of these threads in their entirety!

     A) Get Started in the community

     B) Forum Posting

     C) FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

     D) Request for Forum Etiquette

     E) Please use the Quote Previous Message Functionality

     F) How to ask a good question in the API forum

          a) This one is specific to API, but I think that it applies everywhere else, too! 


2) Please see the attached videos

     A) The first one is how to get started on the forums.

     B) The other is how to access the Solidworks Tutorials.

          a) These are very important for the new user of Solidworks.

          b) If you have not done the tutorials, Please do so now.


3) Regarding Questions:

     A) If you have asked a question and have received a sufficient answer to be able to move forward, then please MARK THAT ANSWER AS CORRECT.

          a) If there are multiple answers that are correct:

               1) Then post a reply summarizing all the correct answers (make sure you give them credit) or

               2) Pick the best suited one.

          b) This is important for future people who are trying to find the answers to their questions

               i) The ones who are following the steps outlined above by searching the forums and Google first before posting their question.

     B) If you found the answer on your own, then please post the answer for other people who have the same question.

     C) If you have not received a sufficient answer to your question, please don't post the question a 2nd time.  Other options unclude:

          a) Edit the question and reword it.....maybe no one understands.

          b) Post a "bump" reply to your own question.  This will pop it to the top of the forum page. (or just edit it and hit post without actually changing anything)

     D) If you post a question, and later, have a different question:

          a) Please create a new question instead of asking the question in your original one.

          b) This is important, because the new question can easily get lost in the hustle and bustle.

     E) When you ask a question, please reference which version of Solidworks you are using.  This will help a lot.

     F) Posting screen shots with your question will help the answerers a lot as well.

          a) The Windows Snipping tool comes with Windows 7 & 10 for free.  Link for instructions on how to use snipping tool.

          b) I personally use Greenshot, a free program for capturing screenshots.


4) If you don't actually have a question, but you still want to discuss something that you feel is important:

     A) Then you can uncheck the "Mark this discussion as a question" check box.

          a) This will turn this thread into a discussion rather than question and open the floor up for lively discussion.


5) If you have created a question and someone has brought up a secondary question, or the topic has gone in a different direction than the original question:

     A) Then as the author of the original question, you have the option to "Branch" a discussion out into a separate thread.

          a) This is also important for future people who are trying to find the answers to their questions

               i) The ones who are following the steps outlined above by searching the forums and Google first before posting their question.


6) If you haven't checked the box for the customer experience program, then read these:


     B) Follow-up to Top Ten and ONE and TWO from SWW2018

     C) Checking the box has no downside and helps Solidworks with data gathering and bug fixing.


If you have anything that you would like to see me add here, please message me.



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