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Macro : Cutlist properties to Custom Properties

Question asked by S. Vdkamp on Dec 5, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2017 by Deepak Gupta

Good day,

Is there someone that can maybe help me out and modify the macro i attached? This is a Macro Deepak made(and that i found on the internet.)

I would like to get information from the "Cut List" and cory that to my "Custom Properties"


What I would like to see in this macro is:

  1. Total Contour Length (mm)(this is actually "Cutting Length-Outer" + "Cutting Length-Inner", wich will give me a total Contour length)
  2. Start Points (Amount of "CutOuts" +1(and the 1 will actually be outer contour) Reason is for a big sheetmetal plate with lots of holes i will be able to see how many startpoints there will be for the laser/plasma/waterjet cutter
  3. Bounding Box Length (mm)
  4. Bounding Box Width (mm)
  5. Surface Area (mm2)  (iModel surface area, not the bounding box surf area)
  6. Mass (kg)


In the macro attached you will see Bounding Box Length/Width, but I really dont know how to add the others. I have tried it, but sure, I don't understand this.

Would there be someone that can do it for me? Sure it will be actually just copy/paste and text change, but I really don't know how. After my changes SolidWorks ends with: "fatal Error"..........