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    dimension modify

    Rommel Arel Leal Palomares

      I can´t modify a dimension in smartdimension. Can you help me?

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          Deepak Gupta

          What issue are you facing? Also check and make sure Instant2d/3d are off.

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            Tony Tieuli

            Rommel Arel Leal Palomares wrote:


            I can´t modify a dimension in smartdimension. Can you help me?

            It's hard to tell from your image what  problem you're having. Obviously in that image you can just modify the dimension that's highlighted.

            If you have Instant 2D on, click directly on the dimension value to modify it. If you want to change any of the dimension attributes or delete the dimension, click on one of the extension lines.

            If Instant 2D is not on, single clicking on the dimension value or the extension lines will bring up the dimension attribute dialog box.

            Double clicking on the dimension value will bring up the dialog box in your image.

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              Dan Pihlaja

              Ummm....Please give us more information.


              Right now, that is all we see is that you have double clicked on the dimension and are in the edit dialog box......in order to edit the dimension, just change the highlighted number to some other numbers.....then hit the green check mark.


              Edit: Removed the remark I had here, because I realized that I was being a big jerk.

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                Glenn Schroeder

                As others have said, it's difficult to answer without more information.  However, it looks like you're working in a Drawing as opposed to a Part or Assembly sketch.  That also looks like a sketched circle you placed in a Drawing.  You should be able to edit the value as Dan Pihlaja said.  If you can't then the diameter of that circle is driven and can't be changed.