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    Same Item Numbering Throughout Drawing

    Joseph Caswell

      I would like to have a sheet on a drawing that is the Master Bill of Materials for assemblies that I am detailing, that contains part numbers for each assembly, and then additional sheets with BoMs for each sub assembly, and for each sub-sub assembly, etc, without ever reusing a part number.

      Optimally I would like to use indented numbering, such that the Bill of Materials for the subassembly called out on the Master as Item 3 read Items 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, etc.


      Right now the only way I have figured out how to do it is to manually override every Item No., but this is very inconvenient when I make a slight change to an assembly with thousands of parts.

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          Joseph Caswell

          I have found a few solutions to this dilemma, I figured I would share for any who have a similar question.


          When inserting a new Bill of Materials into a drawing you do not have to select a view that is in the current sheet, you can also select views from the Feature Manager Design Tree. This means you can effectively have the same Bill of Materials on every page of your drawing and simply hide the rows that are not relevant to the subassembly on that page without effecting the numbering.


          Another solution is that you can add a Bill of Materials to the Assembly itself, tweak it to look the way you want it (reordering parts, etc.) and then, when you insert a Bill of Materials into the drawing you can select a view from the Feature Manager Design Tree that contains the assembly, and then select copy BoM, and select the BoM that you made in the Assembly. Again, hiding the rows that are not relevant here.


          A third solution is to use the split BoM feature and drag the derivative tables to the appropriate sheets.