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    Drawing views as behaves as bitmap/pixelated

    Daniel Andersson

      I have been searching for an answer for this in fourm and other sites. Even called the support but after more than 10minutes in que I hung up. Thought that I will raise the question in this forum instead...


      I made a copy of a exsting drawing and the referenced assembly, parts etc. Once I had updated the design I started to update the drawing. Now, a new experience came to me. When I pan or zoom the drawing the views looks like low res bitmaps (pixelated). Didn't pay so much attention to it, but once I print to printer or save as PDF a number of the views is lost at the printed paper/PDF. Furthermore, the PDF shows that the views are low quality bitmaps and not vector based as they usually are. I have tried to change the settings in SolidWorks of quality of one or two views but the issues remains, I also checked the document properties but I could not point out what setting could trigger this.


      Other drawings just works fine....


      Any advice what may have gone wrong with this drawing?

      I would like to share the drawing, but do not have permission to do so.


      Best regards


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          Solid Air

          When you move the mouse cursor over the view does it change to ?


          When you click on the view, in the view properties manager do you see draft quality option selected under Display Style?

          If so, select High quality and see if this helps.

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              Daniel Andersson

              Thanks for the tips.

              You're spot on that the views was in Draft quality. The strange thing is that when I set the view to High quality it switches back to Draft quality. After some futher search in the forum, targeting the behaviour of this setting I was able to find a resolution.

              It was a geometry that was for some reason invalid/broken. Simply suppressed it and the error was gone. The Checker tool within SolidWorks was very helpfull, but I wish that it could have pointed of which part when it is run at assembly level. Had to dig trough the structure abit before I found the failing part.


              Below is a link to the mentioned post in this forum.

              Drawing views switching to draft quality