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PDM excel material list

Question asked by Jouni Piirto on Nov 15, 2017
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Information and guestion 1

I have exel list for materials, like this. (alot bigger)

picture 1.png


I have similar structure folder in PDM:

Foldet 1











and there i have part name "value 5", like PL-2 S235JRG2

This part have all information Value 1-5 + others (value 6.7.8. lenght......)

(We use native part that have all information, and we insert part to assebmy and save as command to project folder)


I can make new part plate where is 2 holes, i save this in project folder and i want to give information.

(Material, plastic, Plate, CONSUMPTION PLASTIC, S=6 PE1000 (+ others))

Value 1-5 is trop down list, others is inside part for bill of materials properties, but value 1-5 is need to save part information too.


Project folder sturucture


     Project 1

     Project 2

     Perject 3


               POS 1

               POS 2

               POS 3

                    3D Models


How i make File card?


I have been tray to make Lists, text with alias..

Kuva 2.png

How i can use this exel or material folder structure in card?


Question 1

But File card come too heavy if i use several text with alias. (i had make this allredy)How to make file card? shomthing like this.


kuva 3.png


So i can take value 1 to value 5 step by step,

or i ignore step 1-3 and only use step 4 an 5, when i use value 5, its write information 1-8 to data card and part.


Question 2

i need add 1 material, like this

Material, plastic, Plate, CONSUMPTION PLASTIC, S=20 PE1000

i give information value 6 75, value 7 1000, value 8 MATERIAL 24.

how them come easy to datacard, i update exel, or only save this part to correct folder (or both)?


Sorry for bad english.