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EPDM Admin Tool: Is it safe to cancel an in-progress task by setting the status in the database?

Question asked by Scott Vig on Nov 13, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2017 by Scott Vig

Our users are looking for a way in which they can cancel tasks without being granted access to the administration tool.


I had originally looked at using the API to accomplish this, but from the following discussions, it looks like the API doesn't support this functionality:


PDM Task List

CLearing Pending "Cancelling" Tasks


Alternatively, we do have access to the tasks through the database.  From Kim Nguyen's comment in 2010:


This is the answer from Knowledge Base: S-043760


If for some reason the cancel operation in the task list is ‘hanging  for a certain task, when trying to cancel it this can be ‘forced  to complete by querying the database as follows:


1. Open the SQL server management studio
2. Select 'New Query' (make sure the correct database is selected)
3. Run the following query (see attached screenshots, '‘task_status at 6.jpg’ and '‘task_status updated to 8.jpg’)


UPDATE TaskInstances
SET TaskStatus = 8
WHERE TaskStatus = 6


The query updates the status of the task from 'Cancelling' to 'Deleted' which is enough to remove the 'pending' task from the task list.


Before we add the functionality to cancel a task in the database, I wanted to make sure that there are not going to be unintended side-effects in the application that could potentially break it (e.g. leaving leftover threads/processes, freeing up space, removing the task from any queues, etc).


Is it still considered a safe practice to cancel in-progress tasks by setting the TaskStatus in the database?  If not, does there exist a safe way to cancel EPDM tasks without access to the Administrator tool?


Thanks in advance!