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    Execute Command Help

    Prasad Bhonsule

      Hi all, I'm trying to run robocopy on a transition action in PDM Pro.


      I want to copy a file that is going through the transition to a folder outside the vault.


      I've read on the forums here and other forums, about enclosing the path, and the parameters in double quotes etc, but not having much luck so far. Here is a pic of what I'm trying to accomplish, any help is greatly appreciated


      Execute command syntax.png


      Kind regards


      Prasad Bhonsule

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          Ulf Stockburger

          Hi Prasad Bhonsule


          Run this to see what happens.

          cmd.exe /K "C:\Windows\System32\robocopy.exe %FilePath% D:\PDFs\ %FileName%"


          If xcopy is an option, try using this.

          cmd.exe /C "C:\Windows\System32\xcopy.exe /Y %FilePath% D:\PDFs\%FileName%*"


          I hope it helps.


          BiI SAP-PDM

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            Scott Stuart

            You might also try putting the filepath and destination path in quotes, since it's possible your filepath contains spaces.

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              Charley Saint

              Don't use robocopy for single files, it's meant for directories. The syntax for robocopy is


              robocopy sourcedir destdir filename so you'd need something like this



              But that doesn't work since Folderpath is something like \Test\ instead of C:\Vault\Test. You can validate in ProcessMonitor:



              So if you change the command to xcopy "sourcefilepath" "destfilepath" /Y then it should work great. (Don't put the filename in the dest or it will prompt you to verify if the name is a file or directory, /Y overwrites without prompt)


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                Prasad Bhonsule

                Thanks everyone, finally got it working with Charley's suggestions as above.


                Thanks again!



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                  Eric Allen

                  I had a similar need and the correct answer was very helpful however the PDM user that will initiate this transition doesn't have access to the file share outside of the PDM vault where I wanted the file copied. I used the below 3 "Execute command" steps in my transition to pull this off. The only downside I've found is that 3 CMD windows pop up for less than a second.



                  Map Z:

                  net use Z: "\\XX.XX.XX.XXX\QMS Docs\" /user:PDMUSER@MYDOMAIN PDMUSERPASSWORD /persistent:no

                  (PDMUSER is a special user that has write access only to this "QMS Documentation" folder and the password is set to not expire in AD)


                  Copy File:

                  "C:\Windows\System32\xcopy.exe" "%FilePath%" "Z:" /y /q


                  Delete Z:

                  net use Z: /delete /y


                  It's important to have "Wait until the started program terminates." checked for all three transitions.


                  I hope this helps someone else in the future.