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    What *Minor* Bug in SOLIDWORKS Drives You Crazy

    Jim Sculley

      Like the title says, this isn't about ONE and TWO.  This is about the little things.  Small, minor bugs that make you wish SOLIDWORKS was a person so that you could build a time machine to go back and murder its parents.  Bonus points if the problem is just intermittent enough to make you forget about it, until it happens again.


      Be sure to post your SOLIDWORKS version and service pack, just in case someone wants to verify your bug or let you know that it is fixed in later versions.  I'll give one for starters.


      SW2016 SP 2.0

      • Often, but not always, when typing in the property manager (renaming features, entering dimension text, etc) the hotkey for the letter I type will activate.  I suspect it has to do with typing speed.  It has done this for as long as I can remember.
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