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        Christian Chu

        Paul is the one or you can look at the other work done by John - it'd blow your mind

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          S. Casale


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            David Mandl

            Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there's already an SP0.1 for 2018.


            Not a great start, guys.

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              Tom Gagnon

              0.1 was released about 4 hours after 0, as I overheard from a VAR rep at a UG meeting last week.

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                David Mandl

                It's been a couple weeks since I was paying attention, so it's new to me 


                I suppose having them be much quicker at catching the need to redact and replace SPs is a step in the right direction.

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                  Francisco Martínez

                  When you do anything for a long time, you tend to get very good at that specific thing. In this case fixing mistakes that should not have gone out the door.

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                    Edward Poole


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                      John Stoltzfus

                      David Mandl  wrote:


                      Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there's already an SP0.1 for 2018.


                      Not a great start, guys.


                      Working great here

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                        Tom Siemaszko

                        Alex Lachance wrote:


                        Sometimes, my SolidWorks RX says my driver is out of date or not certified, other times it says it's certified and the most up to date. Honestly, I don't really understand what SolidWorks qualifies as certified.

                        Hi Alex, the Diagnostics tab (in SOLIDWORKS Rx) checks your system against what's in our graphics card driver database for the specific version of SOLIDWORKS Rx you're running. It automates the process of visiting this webpage and choosing the correct combination of filters.


                        This database is constantly updated throughout the year, and as a result, the Diagnostics tab may report different results for you throughout the year. Updates to the database could be one explanation for the different results you see. E.g. you have driver XYZ installed, 2018 is released in October, you install it, and 2018 Rx tells you your system is out of date or not certified. A couple months later, you still have driver XYZ installed, run Rx again, and now it reports that your system is up to date. In this example, that means driver XYZ was tested and added to our database during that time.


                        Another explanation is side-by-side (SxS) installations of SOLIDWORKS. See the attached image for an example. Consider a Dell Precision Tower 5810, with an NVIDIA Quadro K2200, running Windows 10, that has SOLIDWORKS 2016, 2017, and 2018 installed. As shown on the right side of the image, this specific configuration has 1 certified* graphics driver for 2016, 2 for 2017, and 1 for 2018. Depending on what graphics card driver is installed and what version of SOLIDWORKS Rx you run, the Diagnostics tab results will differ. In this example, SOLIDWORKS Rx 2018 reports that everything is OK, and 2017/2016 report that the card is supported, but the driver has not been tested. Clicking the Download Latest Driver button in 2017 will download the 375.63 driver - clicking the same button in 2016 will download the 354.56 driver. If either of those drivers were installed, then 2018 would report that the driver is not up to date (and a Download Latest Driver button would display and would download 377.11). In this scenario, you could have any of these drivers installed and all 3 versions of SOLIDWORKS should function correctly. If you were to experience a graphics problem, then the course of action would be to install the latest driver that's certified, for the newest version of SOLIDWORKS you have installed.


                        If your system is not in our database (e.g. a home-built system), the Diagnostics check only filters by graphics card vendor, and the same SxS situation applies.


                        In any situation, if you see unexpected or wrong diagnostic results, then please report that problem to your reseller so we can work with them to investigate what's wrong.


                        *Certified means that our R&D team has validated the driver for use with a specific system configuration, and there are no known issues with that driver. It does not mean that the driver is error or bug free. If a driver problem is identified, then we'll report the problem to the graphics card vendor, they'll implement a fix in a newer driver, we'll test the new driver at their request, post it to our database (if validated), and remove the older driver. If there are multiple drivers for a specific configuration/version, then that typically means that a long enough period of time has passed whereby the vendor now recommends a newer driver, and any can be used.

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                          Alex Lachance

                          Hi Tom,


                          The different results I would get were 30 seconds apart, with the same driver, not throughout the year.


                          I could get this:


                          And then I would just hit refresh on the right and get a message that would tell me that my driver hadn't been tested and therefore wasn't 100% reliable. That was the only thing it was saying failed the diagnostic. Could it have to do with a firewall on my server blocking the access to that page at that time?


                          I also had to format 2 computers about 3 months ago and still had this. Tried it today and I am not getting it at all so I don't know what is up with that.


                          We do not have side-by-side installations. I actually am the one in charge of everything computer related where I work and when we upgrade versions I make sure to do a clean wipe of the older version of SolidWorks before proceeding with the installation of the newer version.


                          Clean wipe as in :

                          - delete SolidWorks and eDrawings from the computer

                          - make sure these reporties are deleted

                          C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks

                          C:\Program Files (x86)\SolidWorks Corp

                          C:\Program Files (x86)\SolidWorksx86

                          - Delete the toolbox folder in C:\SolidWorks Data

                          - Erase all SolidWorks related folders in C:\Users

                          - Make sure to clean the registry to make sure that there are not traces left of the old versions by going thorugh the following:


                            • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SolidWorks
                            • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SolidWorks BackOffice
                            • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SRAC
                            • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SolidWorks Corporation
                            • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SRAC





                          My system if a HP WorkStation and not a homebuilt one, so I ruled that out too. I am going to proceed sooner then later to upgrading versions of SolidWorks from 2016 to 2018. I had something written down from when I installed 2016 that mentionned to make sure that you didn't have the Windows updates KB3072630 and KB3139923. Does that still apply (This was only in regars to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 as far as I'm aware)

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                            Tom Siemaszko

                            Knowledge Base solution S-051869 documents, in a bit more technical detail, how the graphics card check works. The check relies on a file that's downloaded to your Windows temp folder. If there's a problem downloading this file or accessing it, then you could see incorrect results. Rx re-downloads this file every time it's launched.


                            Update: Inconsistent diagnostic results when repeatedly clicking the Reload Results button is actually a problem that's been reported to us in the past. I'm unable to reproduce that problem in 2017 SP4.1 or 2018 SP0.1. I'll work with R&D, though, to get that issue looked at again. This is a bug, reported as Software Performance Report (SPR) 998265 - Login to the Customer Portal > click on Knowledge Base > search for this number (or keywords, e.g. 'diagnostic reload results') to see its status.


                            The diagnostic result you show is correct. Driver is not certified for use with SOLIDWORKS 2016. That driver is only certified for use with SOLIDWORKS 2015. The Download Latest Driver button should download 14.502.1032 / for you, which is certified for your configuration with 2015 and 2016. (AMD packages their drivers differently than NVIDIA and uses multiple version numbers for a single package - those version numbers are shown in the notes for those drivers on our graphics driver page.)


                            The problem introduced by Microsoft KB3072630 was resolved in SOLIDWORKS 2015 SP5 and newer. S-071297 discusses what you can do if you encounter a Windows Installer failure as a result of Microsoft KB3139923.

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                              Jim Steinmeyer

                                   I would like to remind everyone that the promised meeting on Nov. 15 is approaching. There were several good ideas presented for concrete suggestions but let's not stop. Is there anything we can think of that we can suggest that will provide clear ideas as to what would let us know we are being listened to beyond "make it more stable and fix the bugs"? The more I learn about how to navigate the knowledge base, the more I see they actually do get some things done. Of course I also see a lot of issues that have been raised that have been sitting for a while. Part of that is that we need to become more comfortable with the SPR system and vote more for issues that we see needing changes.

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                                Alex Lachance

                                I personally feel the VAR are responsible of letting us know about the knowledge base and how to use it. Perhaps they could call their clients to give them a brief training on how to use the knowledge base. At the same time, that would let people know that they are indeed looking at those.


                                Up until last week, I had no idea it existed, had never heard of it and had never used it up until I read about it on this forum. There were some things that were hinting towards some kind of database of some sort like the SPRs, but I never knew where to go to find all the SPR's or how to search for them, only find the ones I had reported. Thankfully, the thread(or post) made by Jim helped me to ease myself into the search and navigation.


                                You shouldn't have to dig through everything to find the database, it should be one of the first thing mentionned by VAR's. Perhaps they could modify their generic e-mails for SPR's to add something along the line of:


                                Please note that you can view and search for any SPR in our Knowledge Base by accessing SolidWork's website with the following link:

                                <Insert link to Knowledge base>


                                That could be right under the part that tells you where you can find your own SPR.


                                My 2 cents.

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                                  Edward Poole

                                  You are to be commended Alex Lachance for suggesting adding a link, whether it be with the VARS, or at the Customer Portal level, that would really increase traffic on voting and posting! Bravo!

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                                    Jim Steinmeyer

                                    I fully agree that the knowledge base needs to be more prominent and easier to navigate.

                                          Recently there have been many posts suggesting we vote for a particular SPR. To do that I need to open a new window and navigate to the Resource Center, next I select the page for customer and follow the link, now I need to log in again (with the ID and password that I am already logged into the forum with), now I need to determine what in the heck I am looking for ( I am becoming more familiar with the terminology but a new user will have questions) and then use the search, don't forger to search for just the number as I wasted much frustration searching for SPR ##### and not being able to find it.

                                         Do you suppose we can put it behind a few more doors?

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