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who cleans up after you?

Question asked by David Matula on Sep 20, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2017 by Stephen Lapic

I worked at a shop and the boss asked one of the guys what kind of work his ma was doing? 

This puzzled everyone in ear shot....why was the boss man curious about this guys ma for a job?

The young man said she was working but was always looking for something he asked what kind of job it was that the boss wanted her for.

The boss man said it was one that he was sure that she was very qualified for and that he was sure that she had the years of experience that he was looking for.

     Wow this new hire was about to get his ma a Job, how did the boss know so much about this guy already....he just moved to town and was seemed like he was ready to give his whole family a job was he that impressed with the work that he was doing already.....This kid was getting kind of excited that the boss wanted to hire his ma, too and finely asked what kind of job that it was...  You should have seen his smile turn to a frown when the boss man said I'm going to hire her to clean up after your ass cause she sure did not teach you to clean up after yourself....he said pointing to the messy break room table where he was sitting....

   With the rollover at that place that was the first time I overheard it but it was not the last time....every few months someone's ma was about to be hired...or their girlfriend or wife...ect...the old boss man was good at changing things up and keeping it lively and fun most of the time..


The big reason for some of this is for the fun of it but there are a few post that have grown a life of their own and it would be a great idea to go on and clean em up.... some post have a short life a day or two...some make it a week....but when they hang around for longer than that we should get around to cleaning up any off topic discussions.  Sifting threw 3 or 4 pages of guys discussing vacation plans to what is the best fuel for a chainsaw...when looking for impressive tips on how to cut a circle in a box at a 32.35 deg angle  that switches back around to come out the top and bottom of the box at the same time makes one want to not even care to look to the last post cause it went off topic after 3 pages and there is that great one at the end....