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How to Approach Configurations in Top Down Assemblies

Question asked by Jerry Myer on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by Jerry Myer

(This may have been asked before, if so, if you kindly led me to a pertinent discussion I would appreciate it.  I have read several threads that didn't particularly go where I wanted.)


I am working on a part (or components) that consists of 4 pieces, and doing top-down methods for the first time. 

The pieces are to be 3D printed, and also cast by one or two methods (investment and green sand). 

I am starting with the parts without draft or fillets as the baseline (default configuration), but then I will add draft and fillets, and maybe even gating or nomenclature or mirroring later to each configuration.


The question is:


'Do I make a configuration (or configurations) at the Assembly level, or do I make a configuration of each part - at the component level?'


This is the part in progress.  (I haven't finished everything at the default configuration level yet, but I'm getting close):


Assembly ConfigurationQuestion.JPG




(p.s. - if only I could prevent the midpoint of a line from snapping by default. It is not only distracting, but causes erronious input if I am not extremely careful.)