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    Draftsight and HP T120 Plotter

    Barry Higginbottom


      I use a copy of Draftsight alongside my copy of Solidworks 2015, it's very useful for viewing dwg files. However, I have recently bought an HP T120 24" Plotter, this works perfectly with my copy of Solidworks and all other Windows programs but I can't get it to work with Draftsight. Whenever I try to print to the plotter I keep getting a Draftsight error "Print error: The operation completed successfully." I then get a Draftsight alert and the program locks up with a 'not responding' error.

      This is not really intuitive...

      As a workaround I have to print from Draftsight to a PDF file the output to the plotter from my PDF viewer. Not very elegant but it works.

      Can anyone suggest what the problem might be?

      I am running Draftsight 2017 x64 SP3 on Windows 7/64, all the HP drivers are the current drivers and I have tried connecting the plotter both over WIFI and cable direct to the router.