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    how will I find commands in Solid Works

    David Begue

      How will I find commands (buttons) in solid works  once the little orange box in the tutorial instruction isn't available?  It seems that I have some of the tool bars visible, but the required button isn't showing up.  At other times I can't even find the tool bar mentioned in the tutorial, until clicking the example in the tutorial shows the button.

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          Keith Carter


          Right click any toolbar ... This will bring up the list of toolbars. Click Customize for more toolbar options and to find individual tools.

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            John Sweeney

            Hi David,

            Another way to quickly find a command is to hit the "S" and then simply start typing your search phrase.


            The "S" key brings up the (customizable) shortcut toolbar, but it also activates the "Command Search" input field in the top right corner of the application.  If you start typing characters then they are input to the Command Search.  The first result at the top can be executed by simply hitting the return key or you can navigate the list with arrows or the mouse.  To locate a command with the user interface, click the eyeball to the right of the command.



            I hope this helps,