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    Swimming in permissions...

    Jerry Mosier

      We are setting up our fancy new PDM Standard vault.  We did the migration from workgroup, built new cards, assigned groups, and permissions.  BUT...


      We only have 4 engineers using SolidWorks.  I have set us up with two profiles each, a regular "Engineer" and an "Admin".  The Admins have all permissions, the regular engineers have most permissions (there are a few things we wanted to make an extra step to give us time to think about it).


      Here's the problem though...Our users can't seem to see all the assemblies in the PDM window.  The files that I checked in under my Engineer profile (Not admin) gave are visible (even the assemblies) to the other users.  The assembly files that one of the other users checked in (using his admin profile) are not visible to us.  If I sign in as and admin, I can see all the files, and check them out.  The part files, while visible are grayed out, and when I right click on them I can't check them out unless I'm signed in as the admin.

      Here are the engineering group's permissions:


      and here are the state permission properties:


      So, what gives?  I know I am missing a permission check box or something, I just know it.  I just don't know what box it is.  Is there a document explaining what each of the permissions mean?


      One more hint...I CAN see and check out all the files from our old vault.  maybe it was something that was done when the files were checked in?  Sorry this is so long, I hope you aren't trying to read this on a phone.

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          Andreas Rhomberg

          We had similar Issues when we first got started and you are on the right path, it is somewhere in the settings.

          Are you using the same State permissions for all Workflow States?

          Also, what are your Transition permissions set to?

          I have permit checked an all transitions.

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            John Stoltzfus

            I thought the header said - "Swimming in Persimmons" - i'm like

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              Michael Dekoning


              In order to see files the only permissions required are Read file contents & Show working versions of files. This has to be set for all folders  although the permissions will be inherited by the subfolders and for every workflow state.

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                Scott Stuart

                I think you're missing the "Permissions per File" setting in the user properties. (You can't set this at the group level, for some reason.)



                The help inside the admin tool is pretty good if you want to read about this and the other settings.

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                  Jerry Mosier

                  Thanks everyone for the replies SW users really are the best.

                  I found the solution.  I think you were all right.


                  I had found problems with my group's "state" permissions, and none of the "transition" permissions were checked.  That made a few more files visible, but still not all of them.


                  While messing around signed in as "ADMIN" I looked at the file permissions folder attached to a specific file.  For some reason, when I changed it from "All users may see file" to "Only selected users..." and selected my group, I was able to see the file, but not really do anything with it.


                  Then, we spent some time on the phone with our VAR.  While on the phone, I discovered the answer:


                  The guy that "checked the parts in" never actually checked the parts in.  He dropped them into the folder, but never added them to the vault OR checked them in.  So, now I had him go through and check the files in and "keep them checked out" if he was still editing them.  We were then able to see them, and check them out as needed or allowed.


                  So, if you are signed in as ADMIN (or if your admin is) and you see "Private State" under the state heading, it means that turkey really didn't sign the part in.


                  Our VAR is looking to see why it didn't automatically add the files to the vault, because the settings all looked like the files should have been added.  The extension list in the settings folder included all the SW extensions.


                  Regarding the second part of my question, is there a document somewhere that describes what each of the permissions does with more than one incomplete sentence?  I'm all for brevity, but some of those permissions seem downright cryptic.

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                      Craig Schultz

                      I have the ability to see private state files and I can tell you the most common reason that parts aren't automatically checked in is that it's not a unique part name.  I have it set up so that duplicate names for SW files is not allowed.  In the 18 years I've been using software, is one of the top 3 reasons assemblies get fubar'd.  PDM helps for sure, but it doesn't keep people from blowing by pop up window that tells them the part can't be checked in.