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    Broken link between Solid Draw and Solid Part

    Yoan Corcos

      Hello everyone,


      I have a little problem ...

      I moved corresponding to Solid Draws and Solid Parts to different folders because I wanted to change the organisation of my work on the computer.

      So now the link is broken and when I open the Solid Draw of the part, I can only see big crossed rectangles corresponding to the original views, but not the drawings.


      I tried to "Search for the correspoding file" to restore the reference, like for an Assembly that lost the link to one of its parts, but I cannot find it. Can you please help me to find the location of the button to restore the reference ?


      Thank you

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          Ken Maren

          There are probably other ways to do this, but I would open SolidWorks, and click on the drawing.  Don't open it, just click on it.   Then, click the References button.  Here you will see the model with the old path.  Update the path by double clicking the model name.  You can then browse for the file in the new location.  Once you have done this, open the drawing, and save it.  This should fix your references issue.