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Improvements in Problem Reporting

Discussion created by Dennis Dohogne on Mar 7, 2017
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Per Alin Vargatu's suggestion, I am starting a new thread on this subject.


In another thread S. Casale showed his dialogue with SW Tech Support.  He went to the trouble to submit an Enhancement Request and was told by Tech Support that what he was asking for actually revealed a bug in the software.  Since it is a bug his ER was being closed.  It was recommended that he now go through his VAR to report this as a bug.  This is analogous to telling him to hang up and call back, asking for a different department rather than transferring the call!  You can see it here: (#223)


I'm sorry, but I find the response to Scott from SW Tech Support to be insulting to him and to all of us users!


Here is an acknowledged issue by Tech Support themselves, yet their instruction is for the user to take a separate action to go through their VAR and report it as a bug??????!!!!!!!  This is unnecessary effort and delay, and sometimes the VAR doesn't follow through.


I think there should be a mechanism for Tech Support to elevate/transfer this issue and get it reported as a bug on behalf of the the user, Scott Casale, in this case.  This would be: a) a faster and a more accurate way to get the bug reported, b) carry the weight of pre-verification by an accredited source (Tech Support) that it actually is a bug, and c) be the courteous and respectful thing to do for the customer.  We are busy!!!  Scott went to the trouble to use the inconvenient ER system and now he is being told to hang up and call back asking for a different department?!  Come on!  Tech Support should just transfer the call!


I'm tagging you, Matthew Lorono and Richard Doyle, in this post since you are looking for ways to improve the problem reporting system.  Do you agree that my suggestion is reasonable and should be implemented ASAP?