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    Drawings & Detailing - Content not showing in Home Screen

    John Wayman

      Good morning.

      I just created a question and put it in the Drawings and Detailing 'Place' (or is it 'Space' - I don't really understand the structure of the forum, after all this time...).

      Imagine my surprise when I refreshed my 'Home' view and my new content was not visible.

      I clicked on the 'Drawings and Detailing' entry in the list on the left of the Home window and there was my content, along with some others that I had not seen before.

      The conclusion I have reached is that Drawings and Detailing content does not appear on my Home screen.

      Is there a way to make the missing stuff appear? Are there any other content streams that I am not seeing? How can I adjust/select the content I want to see and that I do not want to see?


      Windows 10 Pro

      Chrome v60






        • Re: Drawings & Detailing - Content not showing in Home Screen
          John Stoltzfus

          I view all my messages in the "All Content" tab



          However if you view the forum messages from there it gives you a different option to reply, the one from your "Inbox" tab

          is like a quick reply option (No Advanced Editor Option),



          and if you want to attach any files etc.. then you need to double click the original header



          and it will take you to another reply option with the (Use Advanced Editor Option).  The Advanced Editor allows you to attach different files or change font sizes etc...


          If you click on the All Content Tab it will show the different thread and if you reply from there then you will be able to use the Advanced Editor..