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    Could not save card data to file

    Donna Deleo

      I am asking for any suggestions about what this error indicates.

      The error message says "Could not save card data to file. Details: You don't have permission to perform this action."

      Does anyone know if this is a permission on a folder, a state, a transition?


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          Tim Webb

          HI Donna


          It sounds like a version free data card variable where the user doesn't have permission to update version free variables in that state. Can you verify?


          Tim CEPA


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              Donna Deleo

              Thank you for the suggestion.

              I have changed the group permissions that the user is in, to allow complete rights to edit version free variables, in every state that exists in the db.


              But I am still unable to create the EC object that I am trying to create as that user.

              Here's a snapshot of the error, when I try to create a new EC as the user.

              The file is a doc, and word is not open. and I've unchecked (turned off) the warnings.

              I've opened permissions on the Folders where the template file is stored, and where the EC will be located, once created.

              I've changed to Permit for the Group on all transitions for the EC object.

              It seems to be a problem even before the initiate of the object occurs.

              But I can't figure out what else to change, or to allow. Any other suggestions would be appreciated

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                Donna Deleo

                I have no problem running this as admin. I gave the user "DocControl"  admin privileges and that account can now create the EC without a problem.

                My goal is to allow anyone to create an EC, but not have to give everyone admin permissions.


                The only Addin listed is the SWTskAddIn 2012000408

                The serial numbers are string.


                After setting every possibility to allow the edit of ver free vars, I am able to create a new EC by a person in the All User group, as long as I don't input any data.

                Just hit create and let it close and in history it will say it checked in.

                I can then edit as many control boxes as I wish without errors.


                I have droplist and combo Control Boxes which are variable free.

                I changed back the 4 droplist Control Boxes by re-adding in a variable. As long as I choose only those for input the EC will create.

                If I touch any other Control Boxes, it won't create as the person in the All Users group.


                I still can't find the difference between the DocControl account and the All Users Account that causes the inability to use the Version Free Vars Control Boxes during creation of the EC.