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    c# get active document

    Nadav Gover

      I have a problem getting the ActiveDoc function to work, using SolidWorks 2017.

      I have this piece of code:


      using System;

      using System.Collections.Generic;

      using System.Linq;

      using System.Text;

      using System.Threading.Tasks;

      using AutoPallet3D;

      using SolidWorks;

      using Microsoft.VisualBasic;

      using System.Collections;

      using SolidWorks.Interop.sldworks;

      using System.Runtime.InteropServices;


      namespace SolidTest3


          public class Solidmmm


              ModelDoc2 swModel;


              public Solidmmm()


                  var x = new SolidWorksController(@"C:\Users\Nadavgo\Downloads\", @"C:\Users\Nadavgo\Downloads\", false);


                  x.SetSolidWorksVisibility(true, true);

                  var doc = x.CreateDocument();



                  swModel = (ModelDoc2)swApp.ActivateDoc;     // Error 4 Cannot convert method group 'ActivateDoc' to non-delegate type                                                                                           'SolidWorks.Interop.sldworks.ModelDoc2'.      



              public SldWorks swApp;




      The red line causes trouble and the error is commented.

      The 4 lines before the red line just opens up SolidWorks and opens up a new part.

      For now, I just need to get this active part I just opened and let's say, draw a circle for example.


      Does anyone know how to get this ActiveDoc work?