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    Sketch Picture bug

    Charles Culp
      I just want to make sure I'm not crazy, so I was hoping someone could confirm this behavior, and that it is awkward.

      1.) Set all planes to visible.
      2.) Create a sketch on the Front plane. Insert a Sketch Picture.
      3.) Create a sketch on the Top Plane.

      Now, as I was sketching on the top plane, I wanted to make some points that were "visually coincident" with lines in the sketch picture on the front plane. I drew some splines, and I was dragging around the end points. Upon one drag, I missed grabbing the end of the spline, and instead grabbed the "sketch picture". I then apparently drug it onto the top plane.

      My gripes with this:
      1. I don't like the idea of being able to modify something in a different sketch. It didn't duplicate the sketch picture, it moved it.
      2. Now that it is tied to my new sketch, and my new sketch is below my old sketch in the feature manager tree, I cannot "roll back" and copy it into the original sketch again.
      3. The undo button did not return it to its original location. <-That one really hurts

      Luckly I had saved a couple steps previous, so I could just reload that. Otherwise I would have to reimport the sketch picture, and try to get everything to line up again.

      So, does anyone have a solution that works better? Can anyone confirm that this is an issue?
        • Sketch Picture bug
          Troy Peterson
          Tried to replicate your issue and was unsuccessful. The best I could do was double click the image and move it within its own plane, no jumping of planes.
          • Sketch Picture bug
            David Matula
            having the picture visiable and clicking on it and draging while working on another sketch will do what you say. I have found to to be able to move the picture back to the original sketch you have to move the feature below the sketch that contains the picture and then edit the sketch and click and drag the picture back to the original sketch.
            I find that I do this most often when trying to drag to hilight an area to delete mutiple lines, from the sketch that i am working on when zoomed in to the specific area that I am working on. It would be nice if the picture was visiable and would not move. Why it moves I do not know.
              • Sketch Picture bug
                Lenny Bucholz
                Works best with 2 sketches! first on is the pic, sized and placed where you want it.

                then start the new sketch and do the sketches you want, you wont have to worry about moving the pic. think of the sketch you are working on as a piece of tracing paper.

                then all you have to do is hide the first sketch or stick it in its own folder and name it don't touch/delete design picture.