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    Yet another assembly color question

    Alan Hughes

      Ok, I've run across an odd one that I can duplicate on my system easily (Windows 7 w/ SW2016).   This started happening 2 or 3 months ago so I suspected it was a display driver issue but updating the drivers to the latest version didn't have any affect so I don't believe that's the problem


      If I add a new configuration to the subassembly (new configurations, derived configurations, or exploded views), or add / delete a component in the subassembly all componenets and subassemblies in the parent assembly change to the Default Shading Color (Document Properties / Model Display / Shading) in the parent assembly.  If I look at the Appearance History in the parent assembly nothing has been added.  If I save, close, and reopen everything is back to the original colors. 


      Here's an example.  The first image is the parent assembly.

      Image 1.jpg

      The red parts are a subassembly (all subassembly parts have had their colors individually set in the parent assembly).  I opened the Red subassembly (right clicked on it and open it).  I added a new configuration but didn't do anything else.  Saved and closed the sub-assembly and this is what I see when Solid Works goes back to the parent assembly:



      I know all the parts are switching to the parent Default Shading Color because at this point I can go into the parent assembly properties and change this property and everything changes to the new color.




      Again, if I save, close and reopen everything goes back to the original image colors.


      Any ideas?