Overlapping Drawing views

Discussion created by 1-AOKTGS on Oct 16, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2008 by Jason Corl
I have a drawing of an assembly, and in one view I have overlapped the drawing with another view, which shows an alternate position of a moveable component. I did this by making a second assembly with the part in the alternate position. I have made this alternate show in dashed lines, the main view is shaded with edges. On the computer screen it looks perfect, with the alternate view hidden by the shaded view, in places where it would not show due to being "behind" the main view. However when I print it out, the entire alternate view shows in dashed lines, in front of the shaded view. The only way I can describe what I want to do is from drawing/painting programs where you have a "bring to front" or "send to back" selection. I cannot seem to hide the dashed lines where the shaded view is. Any thoughts?