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        Tom Helsley

        On top of that, Rick, once again only the current year's presentations are available.  No more access to last year's, or the year before that.



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          Mark Biasotti

          Here is a google drive link to a zip file that contains my PP presentation, example files and Video of presentation:


          5102_biasotti.zip - Google Drive



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            Deepak Gupta

            Thanks a lot Mark

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              Steven Adland

              Hi Rick,


              I want to let you know that the material should be available on the same location as the other presentations, making the Boot Camp link 'clickable’ – this should be completed in the next week or so, and I’ll post back here once live.


              Apologies for the delay in sending out this material, but stick with me, we are almost there!


              Kind regards,


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                Rick McDonald

                Steven Adland that's great.

                I am glad it will be posted this year - there was so much good material in it.

                So many forum posts request information on things that were explained in the Boot Camp.

                Really appreciate your letting us know and getting it out there.

                Thanks again.

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                  Rick McDonald

                  Hi Steven Adland,

                  Do you have any updates?  You were thinking in your last post on April 11 that it would be a week or so.

                  I went and checked middle of last week and saw the title in the proceedings list but no video or files are attached.

                  So they are part way there (putting the listing in) I just hope they get the Presentations and videos soon.

                  There were a few posts this week where it would have been the perfect presentation for the poster to watch to have all their questions answered - one was about video cards to purchase and the other was questioning the system to get.


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                    Steven Adland

                    Hi Rick,


                    I can only apologize for the delay in getting the material online. It has now been delivered to the team responsible and I hope it will be available for you soon.


                    I'll continue to monitor the progress and I will definitely update you and this thread once it is finally live.

                    Thanks again for persevering with us, and for your information, the Boot Camp will be handled differently in terms of registration, post content delivery and tracking next year, to improve the overall experience.



                    Kind regards,

                    Steve Adland

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                      Rick McDonald

                      Steven Adland  Thanks for the reply.

                      No apology needed.  We all run into delays.


                      Since you brought it up about registration for the Boot Camp at SWW I do also have some suggestions about that (that you may or may not be aware of regarding the registration...)(this is also assuming that you were referring to SWW registration changes.


                      1) I heard many people question how to sign up for Boot Camp. There has only been a check box in the registration forms that is easy to miss and many people did miss it. It would be good it it was more noticeable.

                      2) After checking the box (in the registration process) it never is displayed again that you have or have not signed up - not even in the summary at the end. I went backwards through the pages during registration to be sure I did check it.

                      3) Many people don't even know about the boot camp - it is not widely advertised, not in the schedules - basically, if you don't know it exists, or if you don't know it is on Sunday, you will miss it.  Should be better advertised. 

                      4) should have a good summary of what it is.  It is extremely valuable to cad admins or anybody who is setting up Computers, Software systems for 

                      5) On the schedules for SWW, only Monday - Wednesday is shown.  Nothing about Sunday showing boot camp. This would be nice to add in -  Along with the SuperBowl watch party.

                      6) The people who have been to Boot Camp previously were surprised last year (SWW2017) that the Boot Camp was at 9am rather than at 1pm like previous years (it was done in the morning this time because of the SuperBowl game (I am assuming)).  SWW2018 will be the same (in the morning (I expect) as Again, it will be on SuperBowl Sunday.  This means that people need to arrive the night before (Saturday) to be able to attend.  I went the day early just to be able to attend the Boot Camp.  It should be emphasized in the registration this year about the class time.

                      7) Most people don't even know what the boot camp is about or think it is only for Admins or top engineers or managers.  It would be good to have a quick summary in the SWW information (that is easy to notice by those who are registering) to let registrants know what it is about and that it is good for many other people besides Admins.

                      There have been many posts on the forums about how or why, software settings and hardware configurations that the answers were given in Boot camp.  It's a great resource but not well known about.


                      I would imagine attendance would also be higher if the above suggestions were implemented.

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                        Steven Adland

                        Hi Rick,


                        I’m happy to report that the material is finally available for you all to download, if you search for ‘CAD Managers' Boot Camp’ on the SWW event page (where all the other presentations are) you will be presented with the option to download the presentation.


                        Please note that the CAD Managers' Boot Camp title on the agenda page will not take you to the download, you will need to search for the session.


                        Secondly, thank you very much for the valuable feedback you’ve provided above, and you will be happy to know that we are taking it on-board to make the CAD Managers' Boot Camp experience even better.


                        If you have any problems with accessing the information, let me know and I’ll try to assist straight away.


                        Once again, I thank you for you sticking with us while we worked through getting the presentation to you.


                        Kind regards,

                        Steve Adland

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                          Rick McDonald

                          Thanks Steven Adland, that's great.

                          Thank you for getting it done.  I was just thinking about it again last night.

                          I may have asked about this already but, am I correct that there will not be any videos of the presentation?

                          That would be great to get into next years presentations


                          To make it easier for people to find, this is a link to the login page SOLIDWORKS World 2017  - from there (after login) - go to search and you will find it.

                          • 100. Re: SolidWorks proceedings - really?
                            Steven Adland

                            Hi Rick,


                            Unfortunately the Boot Camp was not recorded this year, but it is certainly something I will investigate for next year as I appreciate it would be very helpful for you have the commentary with the slides!


                            Kind regards,

                            Steve Adland

                            • 101. Re: SolidWorks proceedings - really?
                              Rick McDonald


                              It would be fantastic to make and post videos for the future sessions, and maybe break them down into the 3 separate segments that your program is broken into to make them a manageable size since this is a 4 hour session.  (I wish I had videos of the 2 classes I have attended so far).

                              There are so many comments by the presenters and the audience that would be a tremendous plus for people to have.

                              The slides are great but the verbal descriptions and explanations are outstanding and can not be put on slides that can convey the full impact.

                              So many people could use this information, even if they have gone before, since the technology and hardware changes so quickly.

                              It is also great for a refresher.  There is no way to absorb all that information and have it all at our fingertips when we need it - especially if we are trying to convince management the pluses of upgrading and the possible pitfalls if it is not done correctly.

                              Having the video and the slides will give us the information we need.

                              I would suggest (in the event that you can not get video on the next session) to at least have an audio file that can be used in conjunction with the slides so people can still follow along.

                              I (and I am sure many others) greatly appreciate your doing the sessions and getting us the presentations.

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