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where to download parts for big assembly training ?

Question asked by Bashir Maqboul on Jun 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2017 by Matt Peneguy

Hallo Everybody ,


I am a new solidworks user  , ever since i have been intensively watching modelling tuturials and enjoying them , but i feel now that its not enough , . because i dont have yet the time or the knowledge to designe and modell engines of any sort , I am looking for site where i can download parts and assemble them myself in  , and solidworks , because i want to obtain a better perspective of the functionality of  say ..different combustion engines and becuase it makes fun to assemble ,  

i have been searching the web for such places but unfortunately i could not find anysite where there are just sets or folders of real , engines turbines etc. and i am just suppose to assemble them , i am just thinking if ai assemble a good amount of engines i would definetly get more aquainted with their functionality


would you please recoomend me some sites ,


and how do i get to the point where i just start designing engines , turbines , gearboxes and the such quickely ,


many thanks in advance for your time ,