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Blocks How Do I Hate Thee?  - Let Me Count the Ways

Question asked by Jim Sculley on Dec 3, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by Jim Sculley

Blocks continue to annoy me.  In order to get around the problem discussed here, I had to explode the blocks making up my title block and save the sheet format.  When I exploded certain blocks, text elements in the block jumed to new positions.  For example, I have a signature block that consists of 7 lines for names and dates.  When I explode the block, all the text elements move down about 1/16".  Same thing happens when editing the block, but they jump back to the proper location when leaving block edit mode.  After some investigation, I've determined that this is caused by using the 'Snap To Rectangle Center' option for annotations.  You can duplicate this as follows:


A.  Add a note to a drawing

B.  Sketch a rectangle around the note.  Make the rectangle a tight fit so the bug is more noticable.


C.  Right click the note, select 'Snap To Rectangle Center', then select the four lines of the rectangle.

D.  Note that the text isn't centered very well vertically.


E.  Make a block from the note and rectangle.

F.  Edit the block.

G.  Note that the text jumps down quite a bit.


H.  Rend clothing, gnash teeth, etc....


This problem is insidious.  If you explode the block and create a new one, the text still jumps.  If you cut and paste the note, and create a new block with the pasted copy, the new note jumps.  It appears that once you use 'Snap To Rectangle Center', the note and any copies of it are forever tainted.


Jim S.