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    Korbi Anis

      I have a code that I translated from C# to VB. I Have not an experience with VB CODE.and I would like to translate my code from VB to VBA;. someone can help me plzzzzz. I need the code to do my homowork plz.thanks



      CODE :

      Imports System.Collections.Generic

      Imports System.Text

      Imports Autodesk.Revit.Attributes

      Imports Autodesk.Revit.DB

      Imports Autodesk.Revit.UI



      Namespace Revit.SDK.Samples.HelloRevit.CS



      <Transaction(TransactionMode.Manual)> _

      Public Class Command

      Implements IExternalCommand

      Public Function Execute(commandData As ExternalCommandData, ByRef message As String, elements As ElementSet) As Result

      Dim uiDoc As UIDocument = commandData.Application.ActiveUIDocument



      Using trans As New Transaction(uiDoc.Document, "Point")


      ' Ensure you select a DividedSurface Element from the model

      For Each ele As Element In uiDoc.Selection.Elements

      Dim surface As DividedSurface = TryCast(ele, DividedSurface)

      If surface IsNot Nothing Then

      Dim opts As Options = uiDoc.Document.Application.Create.NewGeometryOptions()

      Dim geoEle As GeometryElement = surface.get_Geometry(opts)

      Dim geoElems As IEnumerator(Of GeometryObject) = geoEle.GetEnumerator()

      While geoElems.MoveNext()

      Dim geoObj As GeometryObject = TryCast(geoElems.Current, GeometryObject)



      Dim line As Line = TryCast(geoObj, Line)

      If line IsNot Nothing Then

      Dim geoNestedElems As IEnumerator(Of GeometryObject) = geoEle.GetEnumerator()

      While geoNestedElems.MoveNext()

      Dim geoObjNested As GeometryObject = TryCast(geoNestedElems.Current, GeometryObject)

      Dim nestedLine As Line = TryCast(geoObjNested, Line)

      If nestedLine IsNot Nothing Then

      ' Ensure that this line is not the same as

      ' main line

      If Not nestedLine.Equals(line) Then

      ' Create container for the

      ' intersection results array

      Dim resArray As New IntersectionResultArray()' Get the intersection result array using Intersect()

      line.Intersect(nestedLine, resArray)

      If resArray IsNot Nothing Then

      For Each res As IntersectionResult In resArray' Create a new reference point' for each intersection point

      Dim rp As ReferencePoint = uiDoc.Document.FamilyCreate.NewReferencePoint(res.XYZPoint)

      NextEnd IfEnd If

      End If

      End WhileEnd If

      End While

      End If



      End Using

      Return Result.Succeeded

      End Function

      End Class

      End Namespace


      This code give fot all user the opportunity to cretate a reference points of lines intersections. its too useful !!! you can see the results given with C# code in the picture enclosed.Capture.JPG