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    Howard Luu
      Hi, I wonder if there is away to reduce file size so that I can speed up the design process.

      I'm usually getting part or assembly with alot of surfaces from my customers, and I will import this info to my SolidWork file to design a container, all I really need is the outer envelope of a part or assembly to check if they are fit into my container. is there a quick way of creating an outer envelope (surface) of a part or assembly,so it will be reduced in size and speed up performace.

          Charles Culp
          Are they sending you native Solidworks files? or .IGES?

          If it is native Solidworks, and they are sending you assemblies, then open the assembly, and choose "Save as", and save it as a .sldprt. You can then choose "only exterior surfaces".

          If it is not a solidworks assembly, take the imported file, and put it in an assembly first.

          If this still doesn't work, you make need to "merge bodies" first in the solid part file, thus combining the parts. You also might want to fill in any holes. Then just go through the steps again.