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    SolidWorks Visualize vs. Photoview 360

    James Musser

      Hi there,


      If you already know how to run Photoview 360, is there any advantage to switching over to SolidWorks Visualize Standard? I know Visualize was more geared towards non-technical users, but I wasn't sure how render quality, speed, and control compares between the two. I can also appreciate that Visualize Pro has a few features you can't get in Photoview 360 but it seems like Photoview 360 covers everything that a standard license of Visualize could do

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          Towab Muhammad Yusuf

          Hi James first I tell you I do not biggest and highly experienced person. I am a designer and online marketer. I used solidworks, same year ago this is a fantastic 3D software. I have learned something like to visualize standard 3D you just do it anything so my suggestion solidworks is the best for you.

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            Scott Ellery

            Hi James ,


            Would give both a spin, Photoview has it's advantages, like being integrated into SolidWorks so if you need a quick render you just turn your addin on and you are off to the races.


            That being said I can honestly say I am getting fantastic results on almost all of my models when using Visualize and it is incredibly easy and, if the 2017 Beta is any indication, is only getting easier and more robust.


            if you are wondering on the quality of renders you can expect I encourage you to check out this Visualize thread where many users are sharing their CAD renders.



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                James Musser

                Hi Scott,


                Thanks for the reply and the link to that other thread. It sounds like Photoview is good for a quick fix, but if time isn't an issue, than Visualize is the superior choice. Every single one of the snapshots in that thread is absolutely gorgeous. Visualize standard comes free with a SolidWorks professional license, so I'll definitely have to give that a spin. Thanks again for the input!

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                John Stoltzfus

                I have used 360 a lot and Visualize just a little - 360 is much easier to use for what I use renderings for.  Any renderings that I do now is for the furniture industry and it is much easier to map the wood grain in 360 & SolidWorks then in Visualize.  Great clear renderings, but not a huge difference on my end, I wouldn't buy it for here.

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                    James Musser

                    Hi John,


                    Thanks for the reply. It's good to know there are still a lot of situations where Photoview is the better choice. I know anyone with a professional license of SolidWorks is offered a free download of Visualize standard, so I'm interested to also give that a whirl. I could definitely see where any kind of surface mapping appearance might be easier to apply correctly in Photoview

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                    Paul Salvador

                    PV360 (modo) = best integrated render quality and speed option. (my choice)


                    Visualize (nvidia iray)..  if you have extra time/money and want to redo some of what you already did in PV360.. and you really really really like shiny bling images, have extra GPU's (nvidia cuda cores, extra $),.. and want to invest in more render cores via a network using their rende farm server (extra $)...   who knows,.. it may or may not be the tool for you!?   

                    ..it's the old/new kid on the block.. and, it's a tool in flux...  that is, you will be a beta tester for a while..


                    ..but hey, if you are not paying for it.. have your company pay for it!?


                    btw, there are other iray render software tools out there and out there are other cloud based render tools as well.. and I will bet there will be more to come in the future,....   I personally am linked to 4 cloud based render tools and all of them have their own niche.

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                        James Musser

                        Hi Paul,


                        Thanks for the response. In my experience as a freelancer, 99% of clients are looking for the absolute shiniest picture possible, so I'll have to give Visualize a spin. I'm relatively new to rendering so I didn't know there were different basic types of it, like you mentioned. Never heard of the cloud based render tools but I'll have to look into those as well. Thanks again!

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                        Chris B.

                        Do a side by side Google Images search for "SolidWorks Visualize" and "Photoview 360."  Should clearly show the difference in rendering quality possible between the two. 


                        For overall image quality Visualize seems to excel.  But one major advantage PV360 has is capability to make animations.  You can animate a SolidWorks assembly and have it rendered in PV360 no problem.  However the base (free) version of Visualize does not do animations.  For that you must spend "thousands" (cough) to get the Pro version.

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                            Marc Herrera

                            SolidWorks Visualize's work canvas is to small. You can't zoom or pan. You have to use a camera view to navigate while your working and even that camera is very limited.


                            I just like Photoview 360's camera and lighting navigation. They should just ditch visualize and just improve or add additional features to PV360

                            1. Multi Layered Appearances (shaders)
                            2. Better GPU support


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                                Alan Sweetenham

                                Do you mean the viewport/ workspace in Visualize? if so this is easy to change. I typically set it to "fill window" and then move the library tab to expand and shrink the area, it is under Options >3D Viewport>  Maximum Resolution


                                Window size.PNG


                                I do find it alot easier to get nice lighting for the type of shot you have posted above in Visualize also, sometimes you would get artifacts that were difficult/ impossible to remove due to lack of control over the lighting in Photoview.




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                                  Scott Ellery

                                  as Alan Sweetenham mentioned it is quite easy to resize your work area.


                                  I personally think PV360 would need a lot more than those two points but that is my opinion I suppose and I certainlu still see value on PV360.


                                  I actually used used it the other day for rendering Sim results.


                                  luckily we have both so you can use your preferred package!

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                                Jacky Su

                                Below are the same model rendered by Visualize 2017 ( top ) and PV360 ( bottom ).OLLIE.jpgOLLIE - RENDERING.JPGSPHERO - ROBOTIC BALL - RENDERING.jpgSPHERO - ROBOTIC BALL.JPG

                                but for some unknown reason it alyaws took very long time to open/import a solidworks model into Visualize even though just a simple part.......for a little complex assembly Visualize never successfully open it.


                                so I'm still using PV360 and couldn't transfer to Vizualize for rendering project.@