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    SW System Cache not Releasing for Folders

    S. Casale

      This existing thread (2014 not releasing memory. ) states this was resolved some odd time ago. Not sure this is the case, unless I'm special (pronounced Spacial)...


      If I save a file to a folder, I cannot modify in anyway the folder for some time - if ever - after when I close the file in SW. I often have to close SW entirely. Sometimes it's been hours!


      Any one else have this problem? I've never ever not had this problem with SW.


      Currently, 2017 SP3.0

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          Dan Pihlaja

          Do you have your preview pane turned on for Windows Explorer?


          The reason that I say this is that I think that the system takes a LOT longer to release the memory for that folder if the preview pane is on.


          Ever since I have turned the preview pane off, I have not had the issue.

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              S. Casale

              I never use preview pane in windows. This most specifically due to the well known windows bug where as windows does not release cached just like SW doesn't release communication with a folder...


              Perhaps this is a network thing the SW has... Why do I say this? I've always used SW on a network when saving files (sometimes vault, sometimes not). Vault doesn't have an issue with SW in the context of this thread though.