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Has anyone taken a look at the enhancemt request that have been put into SolidWorks? 

Question asked by David Matula on May 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 9, 2017 by Dennis Dohogne

The enhancement request that get put in, if they have a # does that mean that they are being considered to become part of the program?

If so then then they need to add some kind of thumbs up or thumbs down button on the list of enhancements that they get.

     Is there a way to track the users education level with the program that is submitting the request?

The quick look that I took sure made it look like they are ready for SolidWorks version 2072 to come out where all you do is think of what you want to do and quickly move stuff around and make it change shape quickly....


Enhancement request, improve upon what is there.  Give us a One page print menu, let me filter out the info I see better...  This task take 5 clicks I thought of a way that we can cut it down to 2.  This menu confuses me I am not sure what to do.... Make it more user friendly.. these kind of enhancement request will make the next version.   When we ask to be able to turn a 3d sketch to a 2d to extrude a part in one sketch.........