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    What do your co-workers do with SOLIDWORKS that makes your blood boil?

    Jim Sculley

      So, we have this discussion about impressive SW tricks:


      What are your most impressive tricks of solidworks, Please spread.


      Let's make another thread to capture the little things your co-workers/clients/customers do with SOLIDWORKS that bring thoughts of violence.  Extra points if there's nothing technically wrong (see item 2 below) with what they've done but if you were in charge of the universe it would earn them a one-way trip into another dimension.  Here's a few to get the ball rolling:


      1. Create a sketch of sketch points for hole locations and then make a hole wizard hole where the positions sketch is a bunch of points coincident with the sketch you just drew.  See here for details.
      2. View...Hide/Show...Hide All Types.  I have a hot-key for displaying temporary axes.  Hide All Types makes it useless.
      3. Dimensions to hole centers on drawings.  Call me old-school, but the dimensions go to the center marks not the hole center:


      I have many,many more.  Let's see if we have any in common.

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