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    Question on Relative Views

    Robert Millot



      Question:  How do I create a "Relative View" for the flat pattern of a sheet metal part? (Note:  The sheet metal part is a rolled "cone" shape, so creating the relative view in the folded state is NOT an option).


      I have a piece of sheet metal that is rolled on an angle.  The flat pattern is a rectangle, but placing the flat pattern view on the drawing skews the rectangle and shows it on a diagonal.  I want to be able to orient the view so the bottom edge of the rectangle is horizontal on the drawing.  I haven't found a solution.


      Pro/E-Creo allows you to create "relative views" in the part model itself; not only in the drawing...so to accomplish this in Pro/E you would simply align the flat pattern correctly in the part and choose that view to place on the drawing.  If there is similar functionality in SW I'm not seeing that would solve my problem.