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    SW 2017 SP3 not installing.

    Chris Berry

      I'm having an issue with Solidworks 2017 SP3 update (updating from 2017 SP2) as it stops installing during the system check. I dont get an error, it just stops at the 'Detecting client installations' bit & doesnt continue.



      I've connected by VAR but they dont know why its doing this & just washed their hands of it. Can anyone here help?



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          Bill Toft

          My SP3 upgrade went smoothly.

          My procedure is to first download the files for the upgrade. Then run the upgrade (locally) as a separate step.

          My VAR said this was more reliable than doing the upgrade directly from the web.

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            Chris Berry

            what the hell.....


            I beg to bl00dy differ!!



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                Philip Lane

                Chris. Hopefully you got this sorted by now. I have been installing and testing 2017-SP3 for a few weeks and we are going live with a full vault file type upgrade and client installs next week.

                I do not suffer install problems (apart from using admin images occasionally, and that seems to be a permissions conflict between local admin and domain / networks share permissions), so here's what I do.

                1. Always work using Local Admi permissions. Never let I.T. install using thier own, or domain admin credentials.

                2. A clean uninstall - never upgrade. Use the Install Manager to remove folder and registry keys....then go in and delete them yourself as the Install Manager only does half a job....

                3. Be brutal in uninstalling Registry keys - all top level 'Solidworks' Registry folders should just be deleted.


                HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software & \Wow6432Node\

                HKEY_USERS\  check all of the folder here for \Solidworks folders...delete them.

                4. Restart.

                5. Copy the complete Downloaded 20XX-SPX to each local client \Temp or somewher high-level on a 2nd drive on the client.

                6. Rt Clk the .exe, Run as Administrator (and you should already have those permissions on the login you are using.)

                7. Deselct the Background Downloader...and don't install Solidworks Explorer (deselect it)...It is a problem.


                If the problem is downloading the installer.....check your firewall, router, browser settings.


                We have found 2017-SP3 fast and stable. good luck with it.

                Another thing -

                How can your VAR wash their hands of it?? Get tehm to remotely log in and install themselves if you are having such problems.

                You pay them for support !! Installation issues qualify.

                Which outfit is your VAR?

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                Chris Berry

                I did finally get it updated. I think it was down to several things.

                • Being admin then being downgraded to standard user with no uninstall/install privileges.
                • the local admin account (which I now use to install/uninstall all software) not being able to access any network paths.
                • McAfee being over zealous!

                I did have to do the full uninstall & delete all registry keys. This had to be done because even though there was no trace of a Solidworks programs on the system {everything deleted from Program Files, Local files, Common Files etc} the updater was still there & wouldnt let SW2017 SP3 install. This even confused the VAR. However, once the registry was clean & all the above issues were sorted SW2016 SP5 & SW2017 SP3 installed fine.


                I'm very surprised that Solidworks do not do a uninstall tool that can effectively do a 100% clean uninstall of the software including all the registry files. This would be very helpful.