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    extrude with draft from an edge

    Kevin Quigley
      A lot of the time when modelling you need to define a split line and draft from it by a specific value. Having just spent the last 4 days modelling (sorry remodelling) a speculum for a customer after they changed the way the part is set up on the tool I could use vast improvements in draft functionality.

      Part design is designed around a specific tool plane (say vertical). For reasons I will keep under wraps, we changed the orientation of the part to sit 30 degrees off vertical in the mould, so, all the draft directions have to change - major job!

      Currently SW can draft from a plane or a split line that, well splits the part. It cannot create a split line on a part or surface edge. What we actually need most of the time is the ability to draft from an edge, or a 3D surface (think of a tool mating surface).

      As a workaround I frequently have to resort to sweeping a cutting surface along an edge, or creating a drafted extruded surface from a 3D sketch. It can be done!

      So my top request here would be:

      Draft tool - new option, draft from edge, or draft from 3D surface.

      What I really want is the ability to specify a draft angle and a specific edge selection and tool pull direction and have the software reshape the parts that fall outside this minimum draft.

      Think3 did this something like this in 2001 with Global Shape Modelling and it worked OK - just the rest of the application fell short

        • extrude with draft from an edge
          Ben Paprocki

          Maybe I am misreading what you are requesting, but I believe the tool you are looking for does exist in the draft tool. If you select "Parting Line" under type of draft in the Draft Tool, you can select edges for which you want to draft from. I find it works well for situations you are talking about.

          • extrude with draft from an edge
            Kevin Quigley
            Ben, how did I miss that one all these years??? Many thanks! Do I feel like a right dickhead now let me tell you :-)

            Still like to draft froma 3D surfaces though :-)

            Many thanks!
            • extrude with draft from an edge
              Kevin Quigley
              Yes I use that one all the time John, and it works great from a 3D or 2D sketch. The problem I usually have though is in the final stages prior to manufacture release when the customers decide they need a new feature or the toolmaker has persuaded them to make a late stage change to enhance the mould automation. Usually by then the shape is well defined (or should be) but those seemingly minor tweaks can take a long time to change if your original modelling intent was different.

              I did used to use ThinkDesign and this was great for doing this kind of stuff, up to a point, but fell well short in every other area (I started in SolidWorks, moved to Think3, moved to VX then back to Solidworks again!).

              A couple of toolmakers I know well use Powershape and CATIA and they can seem to handle most changes but budgets don't extent that far! Besides SolidWorks does get there in the end - sometimes even if a rebuild is needed (but then it would be needed in any system I suspect, and rebuilding is always easier than starting fresh).