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    Air suction with Flowsimulation

    Florian Louis

      Hello !

      I'm currently working with Flowsimulation in order to make a simulation of air suction through a simple pipe first. To do that, I've created a box in which I put a simple tube. But I recently discovered this software and I'm not able to make it aspire IN the tube. Indeed, I try to impose an input speed to the tube (boundary condition) and the environment pressure inside the box (other one) but I can't tell the software to take the area inside the tube to make the fluid pass through it : the suction is done around the tube because the only surface available is the thickness of the tube which is considered as an external face (and I'm working with internal analysis) ...


      Could somebody explain to me the process to do that ?

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          Amit Katz

          I am assuming you are interested in the flow around the entrance of the pipe. In that case here is what I would do:


          1. Create your pipe geometry. Leave the intake end open and put a cap on the other end.


          2. Create an external flow project.


          3. On the inner face of the cap (the face inside the pipe) define a boundary condition. This should be the (absolute) static pressure you expect to observe.



          An internal analysis would only show you the flow inside of the pipe, and I don't expect it to be a very exciting or interesting model unless you have some crazy bends in there or some kind of novel expansion/baffle system.