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    SOLIDWORKS Visualize import - pivot points

    Tomasz Pyda


      I imported project from SolidEdge (SE .asm) but noticed that all parts had pivot in the same place after import.

      Pivots are individually set for each part and it would be helpful to have them as it is in original SE file.

      Is possible to achive this?


      best regards


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          Brian Hillner

          Hi Tomasz,


          Check out this short video on how to import CAD files into Visualize. I think it might just be an issue of changing the 'Import Part Grouping' you choose from the Import Window.

          Import & CAD Live-Update | MySolidWorks Training


          Choosing 'Appearance' will merge all parts together into a single part that share the same appearance in your CAD file.

          Try using 'Automatic' part grouping mode to respect the separate parts you have in your CAD file. Then they will import as separate parts.


          If you are finding that this isn't the case for your file, and you are using Automatic and all the parts' pivot points are incorrect compared to the original CAD file, then please submit this issue to your Reseller, along with the CAD file and resulting .SVPJ. This will be the fastest way to reproduce this issue on our end.


          In the meantime, you can snap the pivot point of each part to the center of the part very quickly, buy selecting the Blue Part tool from the Main Toolbar, clicking on the specific part in the Scene Tree, then clicking the pivot center 'Part' button: