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    Custom view in a drawing template?

    Dan Murphy

      Is it possible to set up a custom view within a drawing template? I have a specific camera that I like to use with photo view 360 when doing renderings, I'd like to setup a drawing view to mimic it. Would something like that be possible to accomplish?

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          Steven Mills

          Not in the drawing template, but in your part/assembly template you can make a special view in the orientation tool and use that on a drawing.


          As far as I know, if you make a drawing view in your drawing template, you will have to 'replace model' of that view with whatever part or assembly you use. And even then make sure the special view is always named the same so you would need a part/assembly template anyway;


          Or maybe have an assembly with the special view attached to the drawing template, and you import the part/assembly you want into that assembly. But that gets to be a rather involved work-around, and makes auto-creation of BOMs more difficult.

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            Bjorn Hulman

            I wish you could put camera views into drawings!