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    all sketch segment

    Arif Akbas

      All sketches


      how to

      four sketch

      In one go


      how to



      Ekran Alıntısı.JPG

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          Ryan Dark

          Hi Arif,

          I am not totally sure what you are after in your post.  I am assuming that you would like the program to apply the Segment command across your 4 sketch segments rather than to an individual sketch segment.  If that is the case you would want to first create a Fit Spline (GoEngineer - Fit Spline) of the sketch segments you have.  This will merge them all into a single entity so that when you use the Segment command it spreads across the entire length of your contour rather than a single segment of your contour.

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            Deepak Gupta

            Sorry but you can do segment operation for one at a time. You can press the pin and then can quickly add segments to other entities.


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              Rob Edwards

              Hi Arif


              How about using points?,,, here on a FitSpline of your sketch, you would have to use the points to make your segments though


              Pretty Similar with Face Curves

              I thought it could have been possible using sheet metal but the segments got lost on the refold

              and probably too much work to justify this long winded surfacing approach, using face curves,split line and trim followed by convert entities