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    Check if a configuration exists for a suppressed component

    Jana Fischer

      I have an IComponent2 object "comp" which is currently suppressed.

      I also have a string "conf".


      I want to find out if there exists a configuration for comp with name conf.

      How do I do that without unsuppressing comp and without the user noticing anything?


      If comp was unsuppressed, I could call comp.GetModelDoc2(), by this get the IModelDoc2 object "compDoc" and call compDoc.GetConfigurationByName(conf).

      If the result is not null/Nothing, I know that such a configuration exists.


      But because comp is suppressed, com.GetModelDoc2() will only return null/Nothing.


      I could still get the IModelDoc2 this way:

      1. Call comp.GetPathName() to get the file name "compPath" of comp.

      2. Call ISldWorks.GetOpenDocSpec(compPath) to get an IDocumentSpecification "docSpec".

      3. Call ISldWorks.OpenDoc7(docSpec) to get the desired IModelDoc2.



      This will open the model visibly to the user (as if the user had opened it with the File->Open dialog).

      Even if I set docSpec.Silent = true prior to calling OpenDoc7, the user will see the document opened.


      Any ideas?