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    Cannot copy models with materials? - 2017

    Neil Marten

      How can I copy a complex model with its materials and decals in 2017?


      Some models take a significant amount of time to setup with all their correct materials and decals and many times I need to show slight material variations of that model in the same scene. I think Copy/Paste worked years ago, now that's gone. Then we could work around the issue by merging files, but that seems to be gone in 2017. I cannot find an option to merge files or copy/paste a model with materials and decals.


      I am sure there is a really simple way to do this that I am just overlooking. It would be borderline ridiculous for a product like SWVP to not have simple duplication of models with applied material, so that can't be the case. Can someone help with this or I am I the only person who needs this feature?



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          Steven Mills

          If your copying between SW files, yeah C&P should work. Just a matter of copying a body, then re-adding the decals and textures.


          But if your copying between programs, like a SLDPRT to a ProE or STP file, different rules. Such formats usually only copy the geometry of a model. And if you want to add texture, you need to apply it with whatever program you are importing into. I think you can take the decals and textures already in a SW file and save them as separate files, like JPG, PNG, and JPEG.


          Is this what you are asking about?

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              Neil Marten

              Model copying works in Visualize. I have never had an issue with duplicating a model. My issue is this...


              "Just a matter of copying a body, then re-adding the decals and textures."


              When you have very complex assemblies, re-adding decals and textures can take a very long time. Why can't I simply apply them all once and then duplicate the model with decals and textures? Again, you used to be able to setup a model, save the .svpj file and then open it and merge that file with your current file. This would bring in your model with all its decals & textures, as well as all camera and scenes. This was a work around the problem but it worked. This merge seems to no longer work and now there is no way to duplicate complex models with their decals and textures. 

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                  Rob Rodríguez

                  Another possible work around might be to set up configurations of your scene.  Then save out multiple configurations and merge the images in Photoshop to show multiple options.  Not ideal but might work?

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                      Neil Marten

                      Yes, I think that would work but Its definitely not ideal. I try to minimize the work needed in post so its in the range of little to none. Also, I would prefer that these models interact with each others lighting and reflections. Overall, there are some nice improvements in 2017 but I wish that some of these more basic features would be included.


                      Hopefully someone who works on the product can respond to either placate me with "its coming in a future release" or "you are the only user asking for this and its not a priority".  I think we've been using Hypershot, Bunkspeed & Visualize at my company for 8+ years, I'm getting tired of finding work arounds for relatively basic features.

                      Brian Hillner

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                          Brian Hillner

                          Hi Neil,


                          The functionality of "merging" projects together still exists. We moved it when cleaning up the File Menu structure.

                          When you want to import a .SVPJ into another .SVPJ, simply open up Project A and then click 'File > Import'

                          Navigate to the .SVPJ you want to add and then click 'Open'

                          The result is the exact same as "merging" files together as you did in Bunkspeed.


                          Now onto the copy/paste issue you are having. I could not reproduce this same issue you are having. Appearances & Textures will always copy/paste when you copy/paste the models. I even tested this copy/paste with several decals applied to the model and could not reproduce the same issue you are having.


                          Please send this issue to your Reseller, with test files if possible, for them to test and then send to the Visualize R&D team for debugging.


                          I am very happy to have a fellow Bunkspeeder transition to our new Visualize products. We have many more improvements coming!


                          Brian HILLNER

                          Product Manager | SOLIDWORKS Visualize