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Macro to Switch Toolboxes

Question asked by Michael Wade on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2017 by Michael Wade

I there a way to switch Toolboxes using a macro?  I've tried using the record macro function and as always it ends up blank and records nothing.  My company's Toolbox has absolutely screwed the pooch.  Tomorrow we're upgrading from 2014 SP2.0 (!!) to 2016 SP5.0 and I'm going to configure a brand new Toolbox.  But because we have several old jobs referencing the pooched Toolbox, I don't want them polluting the new Toolbox every time we have to open an old job.


A macro to easily switch the folder specified at Tools --> Options --> Hole Wizard/Toolbox is all I require.

Old Toolbox: \\Server\SolidWorks\Toolbox-Old\

New Toolbox: \\Server\SolidWorks\Toolbox\


I should clarify, the macro only has to change to the folder specified in Options.  I'll then make a copy of that macro and change the folder name to the other Toolbox.  We'll have 2 buttons: Toolbox New & Toolbox Old.  Just click the Toolbox Old button before opening an old job and vice versa for a new job.  At least that's how I envision it.