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    "the file sim1.cab is corrupt"

    Lucas Delmas

      hi i need help pls i can't install solideworks i all the time have this error message "the file sim1.cab is corrupt"

      I join a screen to help you what i mean

      thx i appreciate your help

        • Re:  "the file sim1.cab is corrupt"
          Ryan Dark

          Hi Lucas,

          This error might occur for a couple reasons.  If you are installing from a DVD then there is an error reading the file from the DVD.  This could mean the DVD is scratched or the laser in the drive has a dirty lens.  If it is a set of installation files stored on a network then there is a transmission issue with the network that is not allowing the installation manager to retrieve this file.  If it is a set of installation files stored on your local drive then the file could very well be corrupt.


          In all cases though the way you might fix it is to download a new installation file set.  Since you are installing 2013 SP2.0 I suppose you might be off maintenance so you would not have that option.  In that case, if this is a DVD, try copying the files from the disc into a folder on the hard drive and run the installation files from there.  If the copy from the disc fails try a different machine with the same disc.  If it keeps failing on a different machine then you probably need to replace the disc.


          There are a lot of ifs in that explanation.  If you have more information about what your specific setup is let me know and I can give better advice.