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    How to import motion studies?

    Chris Cunningham

      I have Visualize 2017 and have been given files from Solidworks 2016. How do I import the motion studies? I found somewhere that you need the visualize plugin within solidworks. Where do I find that plugin and give to the drafters to install?

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          Brian Hillner

          Hi Chris,


          The Visualize Add-in is a new feature in SOLIDWORKS 2017, so your drafters would have to update to 2017 in order for you to take advantage of this workflow.


          Are your drafters on active Subscription? If yes, their update to SW 2017 is included. There is no standalone plug-in for the new Visualize Add-in. This is a new feature for 2017 and added value for our customers on active Subscription.

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              Chris Cunningham

              Hey Brian. Is there any way of importing animation into the visualize software?

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                  Brian Hillner

                  The only way is to have both SW CAD 2017 and Visualize Pro 2017.

                  Since you are already running Visualize 2017, the fastest way is to have your drafters update to SW CAD 2017.


                  Please note, you can only import SW CAD animations and motion studies into Visualize Professional, since Visualize Standard does not have animation capability.


                  Here is a good blog post going over this new feature and all other major new features for Visualize 2017:

                  What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2017

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                      Bill Toft


                      I must attest that this feature works really well (assuming you have upgraded to Visualize Professional). This week I did an animation in SW2017. I set my camera & applied appearances. When I did the Export to Visualize, I was prompted for the animation I wanted to export. After I opened the project in Visualize, I only needed to do a couple of checks, then I sent the animation to the  render queue. A few hours later I had my MP4 animation. (With PhotoView 360, after I did a frame-by-frame render, I had to then use QuickTime Pro to merge the frames into the MP4.)

                      The other thing I like is the "smart" rendering in Visualize. If I have the animation static for, say 2 seconds, Visualize only renders the first frame. It then reuses that render for the next 59 frames (assuming 30 FPS). HUGE time-saver over PhotoView which would render all 60 frames.

                      If your engineers don't want to upgrade to SW2017 yet, and if you have SW2017 on your PC, you can do the one-way file upgrade then do the link to Visualize.

                      I have not tested this, but if your engineers update the SW2016 animation, and you re-import it to SW2017 will Visualize just update the links?

                      If not, not a big deal because a new import is very fast.