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    Edit BOM QTY

    Brent Trotter


      Just wondering if there is a way to "Master Edit" a bom QTY.


      I have a BOM on several pages that I need to update just the qty.


      Our client was originally going to order 10 assemblies now need to order 20 so I need to update the bom to reflect this.

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          Dennis Bacon

          Hi Brent... I was hoping someone had some ideas on this. Since I am currently taking a class in Excel (about time huh?) I am curious if there is a simple solution. I started fiddling with this and noticed that I could alter each row (in the SW bom) by adding an equation (cell number * 20 in this example) in a new row. Then I wondered how the excel based bom would work. I inserted the excel bom template added a column (with the equation) then saved that template with a file name xxx X 20. I'm assuming that you could insert the bom (select your view on whatever page) then Insert > tables > Excel based bom. and the new column would update accordingly.


          I have a feeling there is a better way to do this but wanted to keep your question alive.

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            Paul Risley



            E2  has my initial qty. F1 has a linked property to my assembly of the qty of assemblies being made.

            G1 has the following equation "=E2 * F1" no quotation marks just the formula. You then click on the headers of columns E & F and choose to hide them you will only see and print off your total qty. This will update every time you change your qty of your assemblies.

            And you have to obviously copy the formula t every cell you want to have a count for.


            Hope it helps.